October 2022

Faith From Fire

Faith From the Fire Within. Life has disappointments and unmet expectations. There are plenty of voices full of doubt and discouragement crying out because life does not go the way we thought it should. YET, Jesus tells a different story with grace and hope. It stirs a fire within us if we listen and trust […]

Listen to God

Many voices speak truth, as they see it. But, if everyone’s worldview is a little different, what can you listen to and learn from and have peace? Jesus’ Transfiguration experience with Peter, James, and John provides an answer to that question. Luke 9:28-36

September 2022

Tragedy & Hope

Tragedy and hope co-exist in the world. How can that be possible and what difference does faith in Jesus Christ make while experiencing evil influence a tragedy? What is good and true amidst the chaos and darkness of tragedies?

Be Patient & Stand Firm

August 2022

Studio B – Sermon 8/28/22

Be Faithful!

“Let Go… Let God…” Sermon 8/14/22

Sermon 8/7/22

July 2022

Yes to Wisdom!

Contend for the Faith