June 2022

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Sermon 6/12/22

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May 2022

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Our Daily Bread (Part 2)

Life has plenty of problems, and even when we do all the ‘right things’, we can still face scarcity in life’s needs. Does God see all that, and can He do anything about it? Are there stories that can encourage us to trust God? Pastor Andy answers these questions to encourage us to trust in […]

Our Daily Bread (God Fully Provides)

Our Daily Bread (God Fully Provides) From May 15th, 2022   When we face scarcity or we are not content with how life is going, there is a temptation to grumble (i.e., gripe, complain). Is there an alternative? What could that look like?

Being Incredible – By Contributing

Incredible followers of Jesus contribute to the mission–the work of helping others learn to trust and follow Jesus. Even though it can feel like a sacrifice or a seem to have a poor return on investment, the mission is worth all we can contribute. In fact, Jesus will hold us all accountable to whether we […]

Being Incredible: Through Consistency

April 2022

Being Incredible: Through Commitment

New Hope Community Church Easter 2022