December 2023

God is Gracious

Life does not always go the way we want it to, and we cannot always control the outcomes. Thankfully, God is gracious in our struggles. His compassions never fail. This first week in Advent reminds us of the hope we can have because of God’s grace and mercy in Christ.

November 2023

Looking with anticipation to Christmas

As the Christmas season gets ready to start, there is anticipation and joy. But, for what? What is this season giving thanks for and celebrating that is worth getting excited about?

Always Grateful!

What is your THANKSgiving story? How can you use your story for good? How can your story make life better?

Fruit Follows Faith

Is living every day with faith in Christ worth it? What is a connection from your faith to experiencing the fruit and blessings of your faith? The story of Daniel and his friends from Daniel 1 along with Jesus Christ sheds some light onto these questions.


Problems lead to suffering which can be endured through hope in god’s promises. When we see problems, does God see our problems in the same way? Does God see a different view? How does Jesus Christ make a difference in our problems? The story of Hagar and her son, Ishmael, offers a unique answer to […]

October 2023

Picking Up the Mantle

To whom can you be a ‘Paul’? Who is your Timothy; who is someone that looks to you for leadership? Since Christians are called to be influencers of people with the Good News of Christ, we should be Paul’s and Timothy’s in our circles of influence. Where do you have influence?

Sermon 10/22/23

Sermon 10 1 23

September 2023

Tough Topics: How to know we are saved.

How can a Christian know they are saved and live confidently in that knowledge? Where does salvation start, me or God? Pastor Andy uses the story of Zacchaeus to teach an easy way to know we are saved.

Tough Topics: Injustice

How can a good God allow evil that results in unjust suffering in the world? Can Job’s story in the Bible help us answer the question? Do Jesus and Paul have any helpful input? What perspective does God have on this topic and how does God want us to respond to this tough topic?