Baptism at New Hope Community Church

Though the Bible doesn’t provide us with a straightforward listing of what exactly happens when a person is baptized, it offers a substantial amount of information about baptism through the context of various stories and discussions that were taking place when the Bible was written. In Romans 6:3-8, 1 Peter 3:18-21, Galatians 3:26-29, and Acts 2:38-39 we see that baptism unites us with Christ and each other, tearing down all that separates us, saves us by Christ’s power, offers an appeal to God from a clean conscience, serves as a vessel for the Spirit to empower us as we also turn from our sins and turn to God.


Since there is not a single biblical way to do baptism, we aren’t limited to a single way of doing it. We are free to practice baptism in many ways as long as care is taken to practice it with integrity and in a manner that is consistent with what the Bible does teach about it. Just as John the Baptist baptized Jesus, at New Hope Community Church, we have chosen to practice water immersion baptism whenever possible.  Though we do have a set way of doing things, it is important to us that it is clear that we don’t see our way as being the only “acceptable” way. It is simply what we believe will best help us carry out our mission while staying true to Scripture. We believe churches that practice baptism differently can still do so with integrity. Because of this, if someone has already been baptized and wishes to become a part of New Hope, we will gladly honor that baptism, regardless of when it was done or what method was used.