Sermon 6/19/22

From June 19th, 2022

Our Daily Bread (Believing & Blessing)

From June 12th, 2022

Guest Speaker

From June 5th, 2022

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From May 29nd, 2022

Our Daily Bread (Part 2)

From May 22nd, 2022
Life has plenty of problems, and even when we do all the ‘right things’, we can still face scarcity in life’s needs. Does God see all that, and can He do anything about it? Are there stories that can encourage us to trust God? Pastor Andy answers these questions to encourage us to trust in God’s goodness and timeliness.

Our Daily Bread (God Fully Provides)

From May 15th, 2022
When we face scarcity or we are not content with how life is going, there is a temptation to grumble (i.e., gripe, complain). Is there an alternative? What could that look like?

Being Incredible – By Contributing

From May 8th, 2022
Incredible followers of Jesus contribute to the mission–the work of helping others learn to trust and follow Jesus. Even though it can feel like a sacrifice or a seem to have a poor return on investment, the mission is worth all we can contribute. In fact, Jesus will hold us all accountable to whether we contributed or squandered our opportunities.

Being Incredible – Through Consistency

From May 1st, 2022
Incredible followers of Jesus are consistent followers of Jesus. They desire to walk in the footsteps of Jesus daily. They seek to live with a kingdom rhythm, like Jesus.

Being Incredible – Through Commitment

From April 24th, 2022
Pastor Andy’s 1st in our new sermon series.

Easter Sunday Sermon

From April 17th, 2022
Pastor Andy’s Easter 2022 Sermon.

Palm Sunday Sermon

From April 10th, 2022
Due to technical difficulties this sermon video will only show Slides and audio from our palm Sunday sermon.

Reflections Adoption

From April 3rd, 2022
We were created to thrive in life with other people. That takes reflecting an adoptive spirit that aligns with God’s perspective on adoption. What can an adoptive spirit look like in our lives? What do we have to let go of to truly have an adoptive spirit?
Pastor Andy answers these questions in this 4th segment of the Reflections series during Lent 2022.

Reflections Restoration

From March 27th, 2022
Taking brokenness and restoring it. While God does restorative work in people’s lives, we can also do restorative work in our lives as a way to teach God” love to the world. Pastor Andy teaches about restoration and shares practical ways to do restorative work right now.

Reflections Reconciliation

From March 20th, 2022
A very challenging work to do is reconcile with people who offend us or with whom we have offended. Why is it worth the work? What do our efforts teach about love and God? Are we really as alone as we feel when we try to reconcile with others?
What are we reflecting?
2 Corinthians 5:18-20, John 3:16-17, John 13:34, Matthew 28:19-21

Reflections Forgiveness

From March 13th, 2022
What do we reflect to the people that see our lives? One of the most important and loving reflections is our choice to forgive our offenders. Yet, forgiveness can be misunderstood and withheld. In this message, Pastor Andy teaches Jesus’ instruction to forgive as we have been forgiven by God.

Flourishing in a Community by Prayer

From February 27th, 2022
A community that prays together can flourish together. Pastor Andy shares 3 observations from Acts 12 and running a race that help a community flourish.

Sew and Reap for a Stronger Community
From February 20th, 2022
Stronger community doesn’t happen accidently. We have to sew into it, invest in it. Sewing so we can reap is God’s principle. Pastor Andy teaches this principle and gives a way for New Hope to grow together.

“Working for the Win”
From February 13th, 2022
Are there similarities between championship football teams and an effective follower of Jesus? Pastor Andy shares two main similarities in this teaching segment.

Change the Question”
From February 6th, 2022
If we feel stuck in our faith, we can get unstuck by changing the questions we often ask ourselves. Pastor Andy teaches the final part of our Unstuck series by teaching us better questions to ask with faith.

Guest Speaker
From January 30th, 2022

“UNSTUCK” Sermon 02
With Pastor Andy from January 23rd, 2022
New Hope’s series based on Francis Chan’s small group series titled, ‘Unstuck’.

“UNSTUCK” Sermon 01
With Pastor Andy from January 16th, 2022
First session in New Hope’s series based on Francis Chan’s small group series titled, ‘Unstuck’. Today, Pastor Andy provides a meaningful way to respond to suffering in a broken world.

Sermon 1/9/22
With Pastor Andy from January 9th, 2022

Sermon 1/2/22
With Pastor Andy from January 2nd, 2022

Sermon 12/26/21
With Pastor Andy from December 26th, 2021.

Sermon 12/19/21
With Pastor Andy from December 19th, 2021.